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self balancing electric 2 wheel car

  • Author:esway
  • Release on:2016-04-04
Increasing penetration of private cars, but car use efficiency is not saturated, most people usually drive a person mostly commute or go to the supermarket shopping for a person to travel, the motorcycle is clearly more environmentally friendly than cars and more meaning, but there is a motorcycle drawbacks is that it is more dangerous, people riding requires a certain skill to make the motorcycle upright.

Daniel Kim decided to make an electric car --Lit Motors C1, which is a small self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle, like the motorcycle only two wheels, but the same car and have a fully enclosed body.

Kim said that even if only two wheels, C1 after issuing continuous hum remains upright. He was very proud of their own products:

"Have you ever seen a motorcycle without moving does not rely on the support to keep it upright?! C1 can."

Lit Motors after several improvements, Lit Motors C1 available, and white smooth profile design, after the road test, with good stability, a top speed of 100 miles / hour, 0-60 mph acceleration just six seconds, Lit Motors C1 uses a special Tesla battery, fully charged can travel 200 miles, can meet the daily life use.

Two gyroscopes beneath the driver's seat to keep 5000-12000 revolutions per minute speed when turned on, to keep the level of spontaneous combustion vehicle. When the vehicle is inclined or turns occur because of an external force, the automatic control system will control the gyro tilt angle conversion depending on the circumstances, to adjust the balance of the vehicle.