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self balance scooter "right road" hot lead given accident censure

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2015-12-16

In recent years, the self balance scooter called the "means of artifacts" quietly rise in major cities, due to the low-carbon environment, easy to carry, by the young students and the urban white-collar pursuit.

Balanced car accident set censure

In the electric vehicle market balance in the process of gradually expanding, electric counterbalance car accident also occurred frequently. March 6 this year, the Shanghai public Sohn balanced ride electric cars on the road and collided with a taxi, was killed. On confirmation of responsibility, whether the incident is classified as an accident, mechanical non accidents or motor vehicle accidents between pedestrians and motor vehicles, it is difficult to determine.

July 4, 2014, in Beijing's Haidian District, also there was a balance of electric vehicle accident. A 21-year-old Beijing Youth ride electric vehicles running red lights equilibrium is the normal running of the car crashed into 10 disability. After identification, the vehicle type electric balance can not be determined. Under the judge's accident error, determine the balance of electric vehicle owners responsible for 70% of the responsibility, to assume 30% of car owners compensation responsibilities. Traffic police department said electric vehicles on the road balance, if an accident, will be responsible for the problem will become.

Public Zhang for some time to work on balancing power cars, but in a way to work, he was to stop the police and inform the balance of electric vehicles can not drive on the road. Zhang told the author that he buy a car, the sales staff said the electric car is a very practical balance of "vehicle" on the road is not a problem.

When I visited Beijing electric car balance stores found that many sales staff said the balance of electric vehicles may be used for travel, as long as the technology can be a good ride on the road. However, clearly written "not on the road" message on the electric car manual balance, and many electric vehicles, the body balance are not printed on the street and where many people riding nameplate.

Related legal experts said electric car this balance "means of artifact" In fact, there is no "right road", for such products, the traffic control department has not issued a license. According to China's "Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates that electric scooters, wheelbarrow does not belong to the category of motor vehicles, and in the "non-motorized" definition has not been mentioned.

I learned from the traffic control department, the electric car does not belong to the vehicle balance, do not belong to non-motor vehicles, it is with scooters and roller shoes are grouped together for the slide tool, in accordance with the provisions of China's "Road Traffic Safety Law," it is not on the road riding, including motorized vehicles, non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks. The traffic control department reminded electric car if the balance of traffic accidents on the road, is not protected by law.

According to public information display, currently in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Xiamen, Sanya and other cities, electric counterbalance trucks, electric scooters on the road most of the class was identified as violations. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and 3 to have been incorporated into the forbidden line range. Wuhan, the most severe measures, once on the road traffic police have been punished, fined 50 yuan.

Industry standard still under development

According to related statistics, the balance of the current electric vehicle industry output value has exceeded 10 billion yuan, more than 300 manufacturers. 2014 is the electric car industry blowout balance of the year, by the end of 2013, the balance of electric vehicle manufacturers mere dozen, but by the end of 2014, this figure has soared to more than 300.

It found that, at present, domestic and no national standards or industry standard electric balance vehicles. Balance of well-known brands of electric car IPS official told the author, IPS and other industries well-known brands are actively promoting the electric car industry standards balance. Electric car industry is still in its infancy balanced development, it is a national perspective, the normalization of the electric car brand is rarely balanced level of technology and international standards can be even less.

Since there is no industry standard, some manufacturers in the balance after seeing domestic electric car market is booming, but also want a share, but do not want to pay big bucks for product research and development, just want to take a shortcut. Some electric car manufacturers in order to reduce the balance of costs, take shoddy secondary assembly approach to production, the factory, just affix a sign to sell to unsuspecting consumers, giving consumers a huge security risks.

I understand that substandard electric balance car at high speed in the process, there may be a sudden case of power failure, the vehicle will be out of balance, causing the rider to serious injury. Taobao, electric counterbalance car prices from 600 yuan to ten thousand dollars. But I understand that the main parts of batteries of electric vehicles need balanced import lithium-ion batteries, rather than domestic non-power batteries. A qualified lithium-ion batteries, the price of 500 to 600 yuan, the price of only a few hundred dollars of those electric car mass balance can be imagined, if consumers buy such a car, of course, safety is not guaranteed.

Experts National Bicycle Electric Bicycle Quality Control Center told the author, the electric car is balanced by moving the body weight before and after the rider to control the vehicle driving and braking, without mechanical brakes, operate entirely on the human body reaction, if the product quality problems, the user riding on the road is very dangerous.

An expert from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision in an interview with the author consultancy, said: "electric car market is in equilibrium period of rapid development, a balance must be developed electric car industry standards as soon as possible, in order to protect the interests of consumers, but also pay attention to. to, not just because there are some electric car balance problems will one stick and killed. handle new technology products and compatibility issues between the laws and regulations in this simple and crude way, it is not very conducive to scientific and technological product innovation and new technology industrial development. "