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Transformers to second two motorcycles cars:?! Lane Changer

  • Author:VV
  • Source:http://www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-04-25

Dubbed Lane Changer concept car, called the reality version of the Transformers, two motorcycle assembly to a car, then it apart into separate two motorcycles. Operation is very simple. Two motorcycles when combined, by an automatic chassis lock tightly fixed, if you want to separate you simply press a button on all OK.

After separated the two motorcycles will be split into two front wheels, this design can not depend on a tripod or feet can be a good balance to maintain the body. In addition, top each motorcycle mask can all be backward flips.

In addition to body function, Lane Changer smooth and rich combination of surface flow lines effect asymmetric appearance also won everyone's favor.

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