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The world's smallest and lightest electric vehicle

  • Author:Eswaychina
  • Release on:2016-04-07
Your ideal electric bike for a little more appropriate? If your answer is "smaller is better", the A-Bike must be very suitable for you. Because now, it may be minimal.

A-Bike manufacturers claim that it is "the world's smallest and lightest electric bike." Not to mention the publicity is not true, A-Bike small indeed terrible that people ride on it give people the feeling that some "squeeze." Only 11.8 kilograms of weight, enough indeed lighter.

In order to achieve a compact effect, A-Bike is a simple design really could not be more simple, which also allows it to be easily folded, very convenient. But the side effects are small in size and not life, it's the fastest speed is 20 km / h, the maximum mileage 25 km away.
Some people worry so small wheels encounter bumpy terrain is not a big problem? This designer replied: "pothole is really a problem, but this is also a full-size bicycle to work the same way the speed is not too fast, you totally have time to notice them.."
A-Bike looks good, is too expensive. Manufacturers are expected when it is available for sale over the price is $ 1089.