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The world's most innovative electric bike

  • Author:Eswaychina
  • Release on :2016-04-06
Tesla may arise from the Apple car, now, electric cars swept the globe.
But the only people not usher in electric vehicles, electric vehicles: fuel prices and urban sprawl stimulate demand for electric bicycles.
According to Navigant Research reports, 2014 to 2023, global sales of electric bicycles is expected to increase from 32 million to 40 million.

To meet market demand, the highest prices and the traditional car manufacturers are struggling to launch electric bicycles as a transportation alternative travel.
Many electric bike with innovative ideas point, for example, is connected through a smartphone application.
Now, let's take a look at five of the world's coolest electric bicycles.
Gi FlyBike have exclusive use, with automatic locking, mobile phone charging, fast folding and other functions.

Gi FlyBike features that can connect with the phone, and can be quickly folded in a second, easy to carry and store.
It can not only use the same as an ordinary bicycle, also has an "electronic travel assistant" feature, the owner of the bike lightly pressed the electric motor at a speed of 15 mph will be able to travel, can travel 40 miles per charge. There are also security body power USB port, can charge for mobile phones produced by the pedal.
Sale has been completed, but a few months later again. The bike priced around $ 2000.
OKO electric bike can travel 25 kilometers on a single charge

OKO electric bike market this year is the most stylish car.
The car designed by the Dutch company Biomega, about 40 pounds, with aluminum handlebar, the materials used and the same body of F1 racing.
Many electric bikes will Mada An At the rear, while OKO will Mada An in the middle of the frame, so that the weight more evenly distributed.
The bike is currently accepting reservations, the price is about $ 2,300.