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The New Carbon Fiber Electric Scooters

  • Author:VV
  • Source:http://www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2016-03-25
The New Carbon Fiber Electric Scooters

Portable tools are generally used for short-distance travel commuter walk about 15 minutes. If you choose to travel such a short distance on foot, it takes a long time; taxi not worthwhile; and use of public transport and wait time. In addition to traditional bicycles and electric bicycles, the people began to choose new portable means of transport, such as cars and balancing unicycle electric scooter.
Now let me introduce you to a new electric scooter

E3 is the electric scooter that Shenzhen Ocam Electronic Technology COMPANY manufactured it.It looks ordinary, non-powered scooters are very similar in appearance. Because it is not part of the battery mounted on the pedal, so its a very low height pedal. This is designed primarily to scooters under no power condition, user-friendly way through the pedals like a traditional scooter as continue riding. While its battery is placed on the front inside of the tube, so the tube before slightly thicker. E3 body through the use of carbon fiber materials to reduce vehicle weight, the frame of the total body weight of 15%. But five times the strength of steel, the maximum load of 125 kg body.But Net weight is only 6.3KG, you could lift up with 1 fingue.

In terms of performance, using the model Samsung 18650 lithium battery, life mileage of 20-25 km. Motor continuous output power of 300W, maximum speed of 25 km / h, the maximum climbing angle of 25 degrees. Free inflatable tires, and is equipped with alloy wheels. The car uses two brake system, EBS electromagnetic brake, controlled by the rotor in the stator magnetic field within the rotating cutting magnetic field lines, generating eddy current to form the anti-torque to decelerate the vehicle, and the brake energy recovery system function. Another mechanical rear braking system is to increase the friction foot through the rear fender brake mode.
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