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Perhaps the next generation of new products, the strongest cross-country! Spider Car: Spider Car

  • Author:Sofia
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-03-31

As we all know, between the city and a real off-road cross-country, perhaps the most important difference is that there is no "beam" existence - like this man patrol land, it is the "backbone" (beam), which also guarantees it has a powerful body rigid enough to deal with bomb craters are generally those extreme road conditions.

But the presence of Article girders, but also poses a problem, for example, when this kind of bomb craters, always results in one or several tires tilt, unable to get a grip - How to improve? Perhaps, this car spider (Spider Car) would be an interesting way forward:

The idea came from Swincar, spider car borrowed some structural "spider", so that the body itself is hanging in long activities support arm, and then attached to the tire by the movable arm - think about it, is not that like a spider ? Rounded body, surrounded by a thin and long legs - spider car is more sturdy than the spider that each activity is an arm independent suspension system, with a corresponding end portion of the tire is also equipped with a separate motor, Thus, the combined effect of these areas, it brings metamorphosis spider car off-road capability!

What cross-axis, unilateral bridge, it is simply Rulvpingdi - yes, like the land patrol to deal with this is not a problem, but the people inside the car will inevitably be ups and downs, swaying, like a boat. The spider car is not such a problem, nothing more than four "spider legs" (active arm) contraction and stretching it, even if the servo well enough, then a similar path, it can keep the body level!

Of course, the spider car more as a single-person limit off-road equipment exists, there are many off-road vehicles from the large distance. But who knows, maybe a few years later, we have the president of off-road vehicles like this it ~

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