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Nothing is impossible: a bicycle can be loaded backpack

  • Author:Eswaychina
  • Release on:2016-04-09
Also rare early somatosensory car now has become increasingly common in big cities, in addition to cool to enhance retention rates, such popular means of transport on the other hand due to the small size, portable, and because of this, some of the cutting-edge young people as an alternative to a conventional bicycle.
This does not mean there is no room for development bike. Just landed on Kickstarter for an electric bike to refresh our understanding. Car its name, this is named "Impossible" electric bike can actually be folded into a laptop than only a few inches big disk, put into the backpack, the weight actually less than 5kg.

Light has been able to do so, mainly due to impossible maverick design, the company paid a three-year effort. impossible body frame structure is a circle, rather than the traditional bicycle girders, folded wheels embedded in the circular frame, the middle of two parallel circular frame to maintain the overall stability, maximum load 85 kg.

In the best use of the space-saving, impossible almost to achieve the ultimate: In addition to the wheels and the frame folded into a disc, even the cushion is dual-purpose - because it is a circular design, which happens to double as a bicycle storage box.
Power installations, impossible built 10 2900 mA when the battery, the battery can be charged an ordinary wall socket, you can drive 45 minutes 12.4 miles, at normal speed can travel 15.6 miles.
The main challenge facing the company is currently impossible in that an electric motor, it must be capable of taking into account the power and weight, and this brushless DC motor can only be designed by independent production impossible.
impossible plan on Kickstarter crowdfunding to $ 55,000, in order to further optimize the motor design. If successfully developed, this amazing folding bike will be shipped in August next year, from about 2300 yuan.