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Most niubility electric motor

  • Author:VV
  • Source:http://www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-05-25
Take a look at some of the world best electric motorcycles.
1, Zero SR
Electric motorcycle manufacturer in California zero this year to expand its stable of new Zero SR production. Zero SR is equipped with a 67 horsepower electric motor, maximum torque of 143 Nm. Zero SR can accelerate from 0 to 96km / h in 3.3 seconds. A top speed of 164km / h. It is 11.4 kwh battery can be recharged from a regular household outlet. Plus with the battery box when its mileage of 275 kilometers.
Zero SR Standard Edition priced at $ 16,995, plus battery box accessories after the price is $ 19,490.

2, Lito Green Motion Sora
Lito Green Motion Sora is the world's first electric motorcycle cruiser. It is equipped with 57-horsepower electric motor, torque 95 Nm. A top speed of 189km / h. 12 kwh lithium-ion battery can be filled by a household power outlet in 9 hours, enough to provide electricity to a 200 km trip. The car has electronic adjustable seats, even in a moving way, the car also by adjusting the seat height to suit the rider's driving style.
Sora manufactured in Quebec, Canada, the price is less than $ 50,000.

3, Harley LiveWire
Harley, the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer in June launched the first electric motorcycle concept --LiveWire. Car 74 hp, 8000 rpm while peak torque of 70 Nm. Recognizing the importance of Harley roar of the engine of the motorcycle, so, LiveWire will be silent than other competitors, it will send its own unique roar. In order to find potential customers for feedback, Harley this year with this concept car traveled to the United States, allow fans to have the opportunity to see and test the new car.

4.CITYCOCO electric motorcycles
This year our factory developed a new motorcycle --- Citycoco electric motorcycle, Motor is 1000W, Max speed is 45km / h, Max distance 80KM. You could Customs your requires, Add the Direction Light, Front Mirror, Double Seat, Foot Plate as you want. And customs your color as you want. No MOW limited. Hope you will love it.