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Kite electric vehicle: Evonik Wind - explorer

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2016-03-17

Kite electric vehicle: Evonik Wind - explorer

Kite electric vehicles (Evonik Wind - explorer) recently completed through Australia task, and total 5000 kilometers, it only cost 15USD electricity!

How could do that?Magic weapon has three, one is super light body, whole the vehicle used Carbon fiber material, as well as the special material tire;The second stage is the mini cabin wind turbine generators, it is said that if wind appropriate, electricity generated by the generator, can let the electric vehicle forward 280 ~ 360 km 1 day;Third,  most romantic, is driven by the kite - is like a sailing boat sails, the electric vehicle is equipped with a great kite modelling parachute, can be put on the sky, then, as long as there is wind, can bring the electric vehicle forward ~  

Now use electric vehicles has been very popular. Earth has to reduce 42 million tons of carbon emissions per year, equivalent to planting seven billion trees. Do you want to buy a Electric bicycle, join the environmental protection army? 

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