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In the home can enjoy cate - your personal chef

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-01-04

In the home can enjoy cate - your personal chef

Picture the scene: You come home after work feeling tooexhausted to cook – only to find a delicious meal worthy of aMichelin-starred restaurant waiting for you.

It sounds like a fantasy, but it could be about to come truethanks to a robot chef developed by British scientists.

They have come up with a set of robotic arms so sophisticated that they are capable of cookingmeals from scratch.

The device will be sold from as early as 2017 as part of a purpose-built high-tech kitchen, priced ataround £10,000, which includes an oven, hob, dishwasher and sink.

Scientists at Moley Robotics spent almost 18 years developing the hands, which are eachgoverned by 24 motors, 26 micro-controllers and 129 sensors.

According to its creators, the arms can chop, stir, whisk and baste well enough to recreate almostanything you would care to eat, whether it is a simple home-cooked supper, or an elaborateconcoction designed by a world-class chef.

The hands move a little slowly, hovering strangely above the work surface whenever they are notbusy, but they imitate human movements closely enough that they can do things such as wipe aspoon on the edge of a pan to prevent drips.

But last year, after Russian engineer Mark Oleynik approached the team with the notion of turningthe hands into an everyday household gadget, the concept of the robot chef was born.

Even if there are a few splatters, it shouldn’t matter – the gadget will load the dishwasher and wipedown the work surfaces afterwards.

The arms will tuck up out of the way when not in use, making space for their owners to get theirown hands dirty.

Mr Oleynik, who is spearheading the project, said: ‘All the things which are possible with the handare possible here. There is no limitation.

“A lot of people want to go to Michelin-starred restaurants, but they are quite expensive and maybe quite far from the home. This is an opportunity for people to enjoy very good food, and for areasonable price.”

The only cuisine that is off the robot’s menu at the moment is sushi, which requires exceedinglysteady pressure and nimble fingers to make, but the team plan to conquer that as well by the timeit goes on sale.

By that point, they claim, users will be able to order meals from an iTunes-style library of recipesdevised by professional chefs, making it possible to tuck into Michelin-standard food on a dailybasis.

People will also be able to train the robotic arms to cook their own favourite family recipes, bydemonstrating them a few times while wearing high-tech gloves and wrist-bands.

Users will be able to ‘order’ dinner on their way home, or breakfast for when they wake up, usingan app on their smartphone, picking recipes depending on the ingredients they have in stock.They will also be able to choose dishes based on their nutritional content.

And just in case, the unit has emergency equipment if there’s a fire.

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