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Car foil a new trend

  • Author:Ada
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-04-17
                 Car foil a new trend 

This man saw the car so what feelings? Can not bear to look, you can enter the farm scrapped ...... 

But a closer look, oh right, there are clues. Yes, this is a British company called Clyde Wraps envelope shop, upon request, to a brand new top of his van into a pile of broken makeup, like garbage parked beside a thousand years nobody cares zombie car, but the aim is to realistic theft ...... rust effect, Clyde Wraps not miss any small detail, looking at those rust stains, people really can not help but frown. 

This man does not know how to think, a good car, do not go for a ride scene when opened, have it mess this virtue. For envelope masterpiece shop, but greatly satisfied man, he proudly told the store, no one wants to get closer to his car, he had also been questioned by the police is how to make the car became look of the thing. And Clyde Wraps also said it wanted to "sudden" ideas playing Zhendian treasure it.