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Energy dissipation bicycle wheels: Loopwheels

  • Author:VV
  • Source:http://www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-05-23

Creativity comes from designer Sam Pearce, the energy dissipation of the bicycle wheel (Loopwheels), ordinary wire wheel spokes into a fight with three small elastic rim, then, after a bumpy road when this three elastic rim will provide additional damping effect, make riding more comfortable. Damping relative to the frame of the program, Loopwheels advantage is that it is only the wheel has been improved, you can replace any of the bicycle wheel for this, the ability to obtain the damping.

At present, this has been produced in the damping wheel to raise funds, and it is about fund-raising success - should not wait long to energy production market.

▲ structural change is to a large order for three elastic rim and the hub together, also set up in the middle of an equilateral triangle structure, Triangle, is the traditional hub.

▲ this map you can see the details of the elastic rim, the pressure when the bottom will be compressed, stretched above the corresponding

▲ mounted on the bicycle, does not feel cumbersome, the visual effect is very gorgeous ~

For our Citycoco electric motorcycle, The wheel is also could shock absorption. It's using hydraulic damping.Dissipate energy when the hydraulic shock absorbers with liquid compressibility and liquid absorbing energy and flow characteristics during compression to achieve the purpose of reducing or eliminating vibrations. You will love it. Here is the link: http://www.eswaychina.com/products/ESWAY-E5-2016-the-most-fashionable-citycoco-2-wheel-electric-scooter-adult-electric-motorcycle.html#.V0LktYU39WU.