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Carbon fiber electric bike

  • Author:Eswaychina
  • Release on:2016-04-08
Ralf Kittmann famous designers to design and manufacture a new high force grid electric bicycle, HMK 561. Body with a carbon fiber material, so that the body stable while reducing the weight of the vehicle body. And its power system is stored in the entire body, the use of electrically conductive carbon fibers as a conductive carbon fiber frame architecture replace wires.

And he is the center of the rim powered by a motor, and also has a regenerative braking system, the popular talk is that it can produce braking frictional heat recycling. Also, you will find that after careful observation picture, the whole car is no gears and chains, there are wood feel very magical, at least I was surprised too, it is driven by the bearing clockwise rotation of the tire, a wood there think very big on ah.