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Car traveling on the tracks

  • Author:Ada
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-04-16
             Car traveling on the tracks

Ah, if you are a railroad worker, railway work and family are on the edge, then what will you do? Well, actually I do not care what you do, I just want to say a British railway workers doing wonderful things out:

This man called Roger Moore, he has a Smart ForFour, British sister may be too full, so this guy was trying to get the goods to open up the tracks open to feel what is called the skinny driver - apparently, Smart rubber wheels is unable to adapt to the track, in fact, Roger is trying to put on a direct rail travel, but every time I go to slide down to the ......

It seems important to improve the job a pair of wheels! After Roger looked at the tracks trying to think, we come to the painful conclusion - Why the pain? This conclusion because he spent a full 6 months! He had all kinds of CAD modeling, then finished and polished various adjustments in the end, he gave his Smart put four genuine train wheels, each with 80 kg weight, the diameter is about 56 cm.

The effect is really just, you see, after this discharge cargo rails, running up and really small, like a train!