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BMW electric bicycle: Cruise e-Bike

  • Author:VV
  • Source:http://www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2016-05-26

This is called Cruise e-Bike, exterior design mimics the e-Bike Bull-Neck motorcycle style. Both lightweight and sturdy aluminum body, with a pre-spring-damper, allowing e-Bike riding experience more comfortable. In pure electric drive at a maximum speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour, riding farthest distance up to 100 kilometers. It uses BOSCH power components, the display panel and motor and other components. All relevant data and power cycling, riding mileage, etc., can be displayed in real time on-board panel.

e-Bike equipped with professional-level cross-country mountain suite. It has five modes, namely closed, economy, travel, sports and turbine. You can manually switch the mode, the higher the level the more consuming power mode, the corresponding riding experience will be more relaxed.

Music as intelligent cycling highest price reached 39,999 yuan, while BMW BMW bike is priced at € 2,799, or about 19,000 yuan, is now officially listed, if you are smart to buy a bicycle, who would you choose it?

If is me, I'd rather choose ET foldable electric motorcycle, Speed 35km/hour, Max distance:40KM. And only need $480 for the cost. Here is the link: http://www.eswaychina.com/products/Esway-New-Model-ET-Scooter-Foldable-Electric-Bicycle-Chinese-Green-Power-Adult-Electric-Bike.h.