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Accompany small children together larger partner Miilo bike

  • Author:esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2015-11-16

There are children in the family will always face a problem: kids grow fast, a lot of clothing and toys not how long, to usher in the upcoming fate of being eliminated.
For example, children's bicycles, along with changes in height should be updated almost two years, neither economical nor environmentally friendly.

Swiss designer Andreas Bhend has designed deformable bike called Miilo bike, which can be reassembled by removing the components is achieved by a sliding car to the deformation of the bicycle, for 2 years and a half to seven-year-old children at different stages of play.

The Miilo bike body body made of hard cardboard, in addition to environmental protection, but also very lightweight, suitable for young children self-handling.
These cardboard models formed by compression after binding, so the body thickness increases and very strong safety.
When children play, the main body angle Miilo bike down, is a car without pedals and training wheels sliding car, just after the straddle children master the balance, the use of his legs kicking, the car can move forward.

Until the children learn to ride a bike, you can remove the main body Miilo bike reversed its body hidden inside the structure can be extended, extended out of the body before and after reloading chain, pedals, etc., sliding car instantly transform children's bicycles.