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The bike that could let you pedal as fast as a car

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2015-02-03

The bike that could let you pedal as fast as a car

Now Minneapolis-based inventor Rich Kronfield has created an electric-assist 'Raht Racer' velomobile that he claims can travel at up to 100mph (160km/h).

'The Raht Racer is a power biking vehicle that uses state of the art pedal-electric hybrid technology to amplify pedal power, enabling the rider's legs to propel the vehicle up to highway speeds, giving the rider the feeling of super strength,' Mr. Kronfield says.

'On a bicycle, your pedals are the accelerator. Same with the Raht Racer, only multiplied a hundred times.'

The Raht Racer's pedals are connected to a unique flywheel generator rather than of directly driving the wheels, as in a traditional velomobile.

The pedals power a 20-kWh electric motor, which sits in the rear wheel hub.

The vehicle senses the torque being applied to the pedals, and then amplifies it so that most people can maintain a cruising speed of around 30 mph (48 km/h).

The body of the two-seater Raht Racer is made from carbon fiber and includes a roll cage, headlights, seat lights, air bags and a trunk.

During pedalling, a 2-kWh li-ion battery pack also gets charged to help extend the 570lb (259kg) velomobiles range.

When activated in throttle mode, using just battery power, it has a range of approximately 50 miles (80 km) and a top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h).

Mr Kronfield has created a prototype and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to create a commercial mode.

According to the Kickstarter campaign: 'The system provides variable resistance, based on programmable or pre-set workout profiles, and GPS terrain-sensing virtual hills, all with torque amplified pedalling'.

It is estimated the price of the Raht Racer will start at $35,000 (£22,800) if the campaign is successful.

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