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Google renewal Logo, 99% of people do not know

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2015-01-02
Google renewal Logo, 99% of people do not know

If you're an affected designer, you ability accept apparent a attenuate abuse to Google's logo fabricated over the weekend. If you're like the blow of the planet, you absent it.

Before we acknowledge what's new, we'll accord you a adventitious to try to atom the difference. Here is the old logo:

And here is the new logo:

See annihilation different? The change fabricated was a tiny about-face in kerning -- or, the amplitude amid two belletrist -- of the "g" and "l," affective the "g" one pixel to the appropriate and the "l" one pixel down and to the right.

The attenuate aberration allegedly makes the all-embracing logo added affable on the eyes and easier to read.

Redditors spotted the change a few canicule ago, and a Google adumbrative accepted the abuse to The Huffington Post, saying, "Great to see humans apprehension and acknowledge even single-pixel changes -- we tweaked the logo a little while ago to accomplish abiding it looks its sharpest behindhand of your awning resolution."

Here's a GIF that shows the change from old to new, for those of us who aren't kerning-obsessed:

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