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3D printing magic pen

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2015-01-01
3D printing magic pen

Humans are acclimatized to cartoon in the air. We action with our easily if talking and will try to allegorize deception secrets by "drawing" altar in space. 3D-printing pens takes those gestures, makes them actual and, in the easily of an artists, beautiful. Recent 3D-printing pens accept been cool, but bulky affairs. LIX Pen, however, is something different. It's light, baby and allegedly needs no added adeptness than you can draw from your boilerplate laptop. Now it's advancing to Kickstarter.

Measuring 6.45 inches long, 0.55 inch in bore and belief just 1.23 ounces, the aluminum 3D-printing pen (which aswell comes in black) absolutely is pen sized. You authority it just like a pen, and bung a 3.5mm-like jack into the abject and the added end of your cable into your computer. The abstruse allows LIX to calefaction to over 300-degrees Fahrenheit, admitting the plant-based PLA fiber (it can aswell use the stronger ABS plastic) alone needs to calefaction to 180-degrees to work. That fiber is fed in through a aperture in the abject and emerges as a super-heated aqueous on the tip so you can alpha doodling in the air.

Unlike 3D printers, there is no affairs allegorical the press tip. Instead, to actualize 3D objects, you artlessly alpha cartoon in the air with the LIX Pen, affective boring as the broiled fiber draws out. It cools bound so that your anatomy charcoal rigid. Each fiber rod is about 10 centimeters continued and should, according to the company, endure for about two account of air-drawing.

3D pen press works for aggregate from abstruse carve to accomplished art and adornment to T-shirt design. The alone limit, it appears, is your accomplishment akin and adeptness to authority and move the pen very, actual steadily.