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Let's wait for the red light time is no longer boring

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2014-12-16

Let's wait for the red light time is no longer boring     

Red light is really silly thing, whenever this time, one can only silently countdown numbers to pass the time. Strict German people want to do something fun things to get through this boring time, so they plan to install a game system in the light poles, so that the two sides separated pedestrian red light to play with a tennis game, to pass the time I know there's probably a new friend. After a long and unremitting efforts, this game even really landed on the streets of Hildesheim, Germany!

The game system is called ActiWait, Mounted on light poles on either side of the road, it is equipped with a touch screen, you can direct your finger across the touch screen and partners playing a game of table tennis, but also real-time display scores! Every game time in red to indicate the mercury column, so you will not miss the green light it played too fascinated! Plans for future development teams to increase traffic safety education for children, tourist traffic navigation and speed dating and other projects in this system, it is a major benefit to the majority of single men and women! At present, the development team has landed numerous websites to raise research funds raised hopes in the near future, ActiWait Crossroads can visit around the world bring us joy fragments of time.

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