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Halloween ideas - Remote Controlled Black Widow Spider

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2014-10-30

Halloween ideas - Remote Controlled Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders has a creepy look and a use drug expert's nickname on the earth, it's most strong toxic is rattlesnake 15 times, just only three hours can make people experience muscle weakness, nausea, rapid heartbeat accelerated etc other symptoms, left untreated can lead to death! And it only lives in Australia! So as the common Halloween decorations, we can play Remote Controlled Black Widow Spider.
Remote Controlled Black Widow Spider has a considerable size: 40 × 34.6 × 43.2cm, the body use 6pcs AA batteries, the remote control use 1pcs 9v battery, can move quickly on the floor, suitable for Halloween party manufacturing "surprise". Each priced at £ 14.99.

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