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Large 3D printer - print a house just need one day

  • Author:ESWAY
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2014-09-09
Large 3D printer - print a house just need one day
Shenzhen Ocam Electronic Technology Co.Ltd R & D team decided to use available technology into the 3D printing bounds. Then we have to look at new technology 3D printing industry.
Today introduced a Large 3D printer - how large? Be able to print the whole house:

This projects from the United States, University of California Behrokh Khoshnevis Professor, being a very large 3D printer machine. Now there is no too much information, this machine will like a giant crane, both sides of the track, and in the middle of the beam is "Print head ", beams can move up and down or back and forth, and then layer by layer will print out the whole house! Professor Behrokh said the system is able to print the entire frame of the house, floor and walls. Window and ceiling, you need to manually install the late - so it's really fast speed, a two-story, 2500 square feet (about 232 meters) of the house, just 24 hours will be able to print complete!

How powerful this number! Currently, this project received a lot of attention,including NASA. And NASA has begun investing more - of course, they hope that this machine can be used on the moon or Mars Project in the future ~

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