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Shenzhen Internet police arrested super cell phone virus maker

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2014-08-03
Shenzhen Internet police arrested super cell phone virus maker

Yesterday, Super cell phone virus outbreak in China. The virus is spreading rapidly through mobile phone text message. When mobile phone users click on the links in the text messages, the virus program can get cell phone information, and send a lot of virus messages automatically through cell phone user address book, causing the owner of privacy and mobile phone charges consumption.
This message is a typical virus messages. First, use the link in the message, CDN is beginning, APK is ending, download and install the software called XXshengqi.apk, mobile software professionals will found this is an unsafe link to download the software.APK is Android system's installation package,like windows' exe file, so this virus will have an impact on Android phones.
Has now filtered through virus signature rules, twin-engine scanning and other means to analyze the virus message content keywords, blocking, cut off the transmission of the virus message, and by upgrading the virus database and other measures to effectively curb the spread of the virus spread .
After 17 hours of fighting overnight,Shenzhen Internet police also arrested 19 year-old suspect Lee, at present, the case is under further investigation.
Reminder: Do not click on any link when mobile phone text messages received. For example the following message.