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Portable air propulsion to get your speed up to 80 km

  • Author:ESWAY
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2014-06-10
Portable air propulsion to get your speed up to 80 km

Do you want to pursue more rapid arm? When you want to ski like a car that instantly accelerate it? Now there is a solution. Recently a British company is playing speed campaigners called Thrusters developed a portable air propulsion, it can speed sport manufacture instant acceleration or deceleration effect, make speed sport more exciting fun. 

The air propulsion power from the four electric jet engines. Except when used for skiing, but also with sports such as paragliding, roller skate, water skiing, etc., to create a more stimulating gameplay. When necessary, the turbine engine can also act as brakes to help reverse jet deceleration speed sports players to ensure safety. However, due to the current of the device is still in early development, and its battery can only use 10 minutes of normal time, but Kang plans to issue special that the battery should be able to solve in the next five years, while the weight of the device down to about half the current.