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Australia Victoria new regulations allow passengers can ride the balance electric car tour Melbourne

  • Author:ESWAY
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2014-05-25
Australia Victoria new regulations allow passengers can ride the balance electric scooter tour Melbourne 

When traveling to the field of transportation are generally car, but if you can stand the balanced electric scooter chic glide, presumably give your travel bring a different feel. According to Australia's "New Fast" reported that passengers will soon be able to glide way to explore the beauty of Melbourne.

According to reports, the Victorian Government announced a new program to simplify the 36 strip regulations . These include allowing agencies to apply operational balancing electric vehicle project license. The balance of electric scooter project allowed within the range of tourist attractions in Melbourne carried out.
Currently, the vehicle registration regulations prohibit the use of two-wheeled machines in the tourism business projects.

Australian Treasurer O'Brien (Michael O'Brien) said the government initially worried about balancing electric vehicle speed would pose a threat to public safety. "However, if the licensing system set up properly, these concerns will not be a problem." O'Brien told reporters.

Victoria Tourism Council (Victoria Tourism Industry Council) welcomed the new regulations. "The electric balance scooter project will make  Melbourne travel experience diversity, while allowing more people to enjoy the trip in Melbourne." Smith, CEO of the Council (Dianne Smith) said.