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Shenzhen Construction Party said it would gradually opened subway line free Wi-Fi

  • Author:ESWAY
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2014-05-19
 Shenzhen Construction Party said it would gradually opened subway line free Wi-Fi 
  Shenzhen Metro Wi-Fi-building Southern Silver Valley Metro said it would gradually open free Wi-Fi. In addition, Metro Line 4 Wi-Fi opening time is required, in consultation with the MTR, the Metro Line 3 and the construction period due to the late start, it will be opened later.
  It is reported that the Hong Kong MTR W i-Fi is different, not only the future of the Shenzhen Metro can use Wi-Fi on the platform, the train can also be used in the process of moving. According to previous stress tests, can smoothly use the subway cars in three or four hundred passengers simultaneously access the site.
  Promotion on the subway Wi-Fi, not only to consider the technical safety, such as how to control the subway does not interfere with each other, but also consider its efficiency, as hundreds of thousands of daily traffic if both online how to do so on these need to go through repeated tests before launch.
  In this regard, the relevant professionals said that Metro uses super Wi-Fi technology will not interfere with the original subway running signal. Due to the use of metamaterials, subway originally set up all kinds of signals their "highway" to prevent radio frequency electromagnetic another "fight." Not only can the use of metamaterials to ensure the safe operation of the subway, but also guarantee a smooth experience network.