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Weight 10 kg , " three hundred Ganoderma King" appeared in Shenzhen

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on:2014-05-13
 Weight 10 kg , " three hundred Ganoderma King" appeared in Shenzhen 
      Recently, a growth of 300 years of " Ganoderma king" in Buji cultural palace " Ganoderma Hall" exhibit , many tourists come here to witness the spectacle .

     In the " Ganoderma Church" to see the store stocked with more than 100 kinds of large and small Ganoderma, of which there are two huge Ganoderma length 100 cm width of almost all , base thickness of about 40 centimeters , about the weight of 10 kg. It is understood that the host of ganoderma lucidum is old professor wang qian, Chinese academy of sciences, , he told reporters that the two " Ganoderma King" are wild fungus, one at an altitude of over 1800 meters high mountain grown , there are 300 years of growing ; while another only then taken from an altitude of 800 meters of the cliff, the weight of similar size , there are 50 -year history. " I have studied Ganoderma than 30 years, this is the first time such a large pick to the fungus, three years ago, I heard someone say , at an elevation of 1800 meters high Yunnan mountain long with a large fungus, so they own the mountain Ganoderma will only picked off . " 
    It is understood that Ganoderma has anti-cancer , anti-cancer , health care and so on , at an altitude of different places fungus growing out of the medicinal value of the difference is great.