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Business conference with our Poland Distributor In Factory !

  • Autor:Sofia
  • Quelle:www.eswaychina.com
  • Lassen Sie auf:2016-05-11
A sunny day in shenzhen , 

after 3 years cooperated , the "old" customer booked a ticket and start a travel in china , we met in shenzhen , it is so interesting Story , 

we went the airport for pick up customer , but we never met each other , a hansome boy coming towards us , we shocked and recognized him ! 

4 hours meeting , we know very more about each other, 
and in our factory , he saw E5 , and fall in love with it at first sight , 

"Give me one 40 high cube ! "

i was shocked again , "Really ?''

" Yes " , he insist on it !  so we got the orders in one minute ! 

Unbeliverbale ! we got the orders in one minute ! 

But we worthy it ! and we will do our best to support him well !