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1. Esway stand up
When you need to temporarily shelved 2 wheel balance scooter ,can be shut off the power switch, then put down the kickstand, balance scooter can be firmly fixed.
2. Esway balanced output
After step on the Esway pedal, immediately start computer balance, if pedal has been press, computer can balance has been started. But in a very slow speed case,Reset pedal, balance of computers will continue to keep, to facilitate people to leave the balance scooter or pushing it .But must pay attention to Esway under no-load condition, keep computer balance will be a rolling trend, so let the balance empty-handed on the road, balance scooter will move away by themselves, until reach setting speed,and then stop.
3. Esway pedal horizontal position
Self balance scooter will make pedal plane position before power up as the original position, if the pedal is not level, after charging the pedal also not level, people standing up is more difficult. In gyro without enough preheating, pedal level may also change, pedal plane position can be restored use this way: turning off the power switch-adjust-open the power switch - complete the adjustment.