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No heavy motorcycle wheels, the wheels in the middle is empty

  • Author:VV
  • Source:http://www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2016-06-19
Hubless Monster, the world's first fully functional without a wheel motorcycle - the so-called no wheels, no wheels refers to the use of traditional technology hub, middle empty, even into the hand through rapid rotation of the wheel wear when carried out the movement of the piston ~ said that this structure has a better performance than the traditional wheel, for example, it can reduce the car's center of gravity, and provide better steering ability, but, in the absence of the shackles of the hub, the rim can also do very muscular and the devil, overbearing.

It's so cool to ride on the street with that wheel. But I still prefer the Vacuum tire electric motorcycle. What about you? Which tire you prefer?