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The new anti-theft bike -Yerka

  • Author:Esway
  • Source:www.eswaychina.com
  • Release on :2014-09-06
The new anti-theft bike -Yerka
We abandon the bike to buy a car, part of the reason is that a bike is always missing. 
Three engineering students in Chile: juan josé monsalve, andrés roi and cristóbal cabello, designed a very creative way of bicycle theft. While maintaining the overall shape of the bike, the frame of the bicycle through disassembly, formed a structure using the framework combined into a large lock. Bike thieves see the bike first impression is that the bike has been broken.
You can remove the rider seat, reversing the bar, lock it in poles or trees, only 20 seconds. While locked bike will be presented after a strange new shape, but also let the thief can't steal.
Yerka, so that the rider no longer need the extra padlock devices, and bring a new urban experience. You would be willing to try it?